About Us

About The New York Council of Relocation Professionals

The New York Council of Relocation Professionals (NYCORP) has acted as a resource, sounding board, and source of innovation within the mobility environment in the Tri-State area for years. With immediate access to industry leaders spanning the U.S. hubs of mobility and around the globe, NYCORP is an exceptional group focused on advancement of the relocation function in a strategic capacity for the members we serve.

Our guiding intent is the education of our members. As a strategic, engaged, and cutting-edge participant in our region’s mobility needs, NYCORP brings real application of member programs and vendor solutions into an open arena to allow for effective sharing of best practices. Whether attending our annual seminars with industry-leading speakers, or expanding your sphere through attendance in our frequent networking events, you will find benefit in everything you do within NYCORP.

If you operate in the complex environment of U.S. Domestic or Global Mobility, NYCORP is an excellent strategic partner to your program.

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